The skin and its functions

The skin is one of the main organs of the human body. Without skin we cannot breath, and this is one of its main functions. Through the study of its structure its fundamental needs can be easily defined.

Beside respiration, the essential functions of the skin can be described in three points:


The skin protects us from outer chemical and physical aggressions. Its first role is to be an impenetrable barrier which adapts to the environment to keep the correct functioning of the body. To secure this protector role, the skin is covered by a “hydrolipidic layer” produced by the secretion of sweat and fat. This layer is placed on the surface to create an impenetrable barrier whose acid pH makes it impossible for pathogen to live on.

This hydrolipidic layer reaches the epidermis and this one limits the interchange with the outside. The stratum corneus, the most superficial, is a superposition of cells connected to the others in a dense way.

The skin softens the hits that can damage the body (blows, scratches, wounds, etc.). Thanks to its elasticity and its uniform structure, the skin can adapt to the underlying organs and acts as a protective cover. The skin is also a protective shield against ultraviolet rays.

Information transmission

Some dermatologists describe the skin as a spread brain. It has a close relationship with the nervous system. Those suffering from psoriasis or eczema know that emotions are directly linked to the skin conditions.

The state of our skin is closely related to the nervous system. So, touching it, massaging it, breath, laugh, relax and sleep are the first acts for a healthy beauty.


The skin is a draining organ. On the one hand it eliminates the unnecessary substances or sweat (sweat evacuation); on the other hand, it secretes several substances to keep a good functioning.

Sweating regulates the body temperature and keeps the balance of the skin. The acid pH is an important element for the skin health; it allows the defense against outer pathogenic agents. The skin transpires and secrets fat which is spread through its surface to preserve the function of barrier that protects our body from outer agent and oxidation and is the first shield against ultraviolet rays.

  • This function must be kept in an optimum way and cosmetics are used to back and not to harm them. We must think about this when buying a soap, a deodorant or a cream.

  • The skin is a “nervous” organ. To massage it gently to relax it or make it breath are the first approaches to bio beauty.

taken from the Slow Cosmetique book