The main needs of the skin

The skin needs to be cleaned: the cleaning of the skin is fundamental and should be the first act in the beauty routine to release it from impurities and superfluous microorganisms. Make up must be released carefully every time you use it. It is possible to exfoliate the skin regularly or deeply to keep it younger or to revive its brightness.

The skin needs to be hydrated: a product is hydrating when is capable of keeping water in the skin tissue as it happens with the eco bio reach in vegetable oils and fat acids. When a cream is applied what hydrates is the oil that is has and not the water it contains.

The skin need to be protected: Cosmetics help to protect the skin from the outer aggressions (pollution, dirt, microbes, UV rays, cold, hot). In case of intense exposure to sun light, the use of sunscreen is essential to prevent burns, cell changes, spots and wrinkles.

Then, what to use?

  • The dermis and the hypodermis are the deepest layers of the skin. They are vascularized and thus greatly responsible for the skin nutrition.

  • To have a beauty skin it is important to drink mineral water, oxygenate and follow a healthy diet.

  • Use cosmetics with oils, vegetable extracts and aromatic plants for a more responsible beauty.

Live beauty in a more serious and gentle way. Read the ingredients.

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