Conventional cosmetics pollute

Why conventional cosmetics pollute our minds

The conventional formulae are full of water, synthetic ingredients or petrochemicals, and in most of the cases inert and therefore inactive ones which is even worst. Many cosmetic ingredients are now criticized for their negative impact on health. Probably you are aware of the continuous controversy over the parabens and preservatives since the 1990´s. Publicity tries to present as “green” and natural what really is far from that: the famous “greenwashing” or “eco trick”. Many cosmetic companies continue associating images of nature and ecology to their products. Nevertheless, the impact on the environment of the cosmetic industry and the packaging they use is clearly harmful to our planet.

Why conventional cosmetics pollute the planet

It is a worrying exercise to reflect on the amount of shampoo and gel used every day all over the world… being rinsed later to pollute the drains. Even before filling the packaging, we must think about all the ecologic impact coming from the manufacturing of what they contain. The products obtained from petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients do not grow on trees!

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