I choose eco bio cosmetics

I choose the Eco Bio Cosmetics because:

• They are healthy and natural products, free of chemical substances harmful to humans, animals and the environment

• They have the ICEA label, which certifies the quality of healthy and safe products through testing and rigorous quality of all ingredients and the finished product.

• In a market that rewards organic cosmetics, ICEA certificates 170 companies and 3,000 products

• The ICEA certificate is internationally accredited and it is equivalent to important European brands of bio cosmetics

• Rigorous dermatological and microbiological tests guarantee pure and dermo-compatible ingredients, indicated for sensitive, allergic and intolerant skin

• Using practical and ecological containers

The main objective of this disciplinary and certification scheme is:

• To establish correlation requirements between natural raw materials and clear and verifiable cosmetic products

• To guarantee products and production processes that respect the man health and his environment

• To identify in the market a cosmetic product that meets the expectations of consumers attentive to the principles of environmental sustainability of the productions


The physical and chemical processes accepted have been selected taking into account the following criteria:

• Processes that allow the formation of biodegradable molecules

• Processes that respect the natural functional substances present in the ingredients

• Processes that promote good waste management and good use of energy and take into account the ecological balance


The Eco Bio Cosmetics products are characterized by:

• The use of the raw materials of the organic harvest or spontaneous collection

• The absence of probable objectionable materials that is debatable from an ecological point of view, either in the product itself or in the packaging

• The absence of non-vegetable raw material considered “at risk” or allergenic, irritant raw materials or evidence of probable harm to human health

• The reduction of environmental impact due to unnecessary packaging (individual packages) or non-recyclable (packaging of renewable raw materials, recyclable materials or connected to a return of the vacuum system are promoted)


The criteria that guided us in the choice of the allowed raw materials were:

 • Low toxicity and absence of side effects in the human being.

• Low environmental impact

• Dermo-compatibility