Our Brand Foeuja Milano

Our Brand Foeuja Milano contain new raw materials and technologies using the sun as a source of life and energy, through in-depth research, for functional optimization on the skin and the evolutionary reduction of environmental impact. From the energy of the sun, Foeuja, science and cosmetic innovation.




Makeup whose standards are not easy to meet, good pigments and for all skin tones, without unhealthy substances.

Skin care enriched with essential oils and plant extracts of eco-biological and sustainable connotation, tree free, water free, vegan.

Hair care for all hair types with a natural touch of  essential oils.

Perfumes without gender and inspired by the sun with precious essential oils of yellow flowers and fruits and surprising spices, with a very dense concentration of essential oils, FOEUJA perfumes leave the trail, solar natural essences mixed with synthetic molecules that give power and persistence to our fragrances from the O’Sole Mio collection.

Moisturizing nail polishes and top coat with biodegradable glitter.

Natural oral care based on refreshing, healing plants and fruits and whitening ingredients.


We teach, narrate and clearly communicate the result of our scientific research in the cosmetic and eco-sustainable materials field to all FOEUJA Distributors in order to guide them in an appropriate way towards the target customer.