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Our mission is to meet global demand by offering exclusive, high-end and eco-sustainable cosmetics by reducing the environmental impact of processes and practices. Biologikal Cosmetica Milano plans to reduce its carbon footprint and that of its supply chain, also acting outside its commercial activities.

Our mission includes three key commitments: Reduction of the carbon footprint of all operations and the supply chain; Balance residual carbon emissions by signing distribution agreements in different countries to decrease our carbon footprint related to the transport of finished products. Finally, Biologikal will finance projects that will help small farmers and small businesses to be less vulnerable to climate change by investing in resilient and low-impact raw materials and innovative suppliers in the packaging sector.


People are the engine of the company. The Biologikal Group is represented by a mixed universe of cultures, skills and nationalities. Employees are an indispensable source of wealth and a key strategic factor for competitiveness in a constantly evolving global market.

The Group respects ethnic diversity, gender, age, sexual orientation, personal characteristics and opinions, bringing the product to all continents.

In this scenario, the passion, skills and intellectual curiosity of each one guide the Group in all its activities. The uniqueness of its heritage and the different skills consolidated over the years allow each process to be carried out with great dedication and care.


The creative department of the Biologikal Group sees things from ever new perspectives and exercises highly critical thinking, driven by a relentless desire to discover new things in all sectors. The inclination for the classic Italian style, minimalist and elegant prevails.


The strengths of Biologikal are numerous and have been built progressively over the years. Among the most important are the accumulated experience and offers targeted to its potential customers, the quality of products and raw materials, the machinery and advanced technologies, the reputation of the country and city in which it is located, its strong compromise. with the environment, health and beauty and the creation of targeted offers for the different target markets.


COMPANY TAGLINE: The cosmetics that make me feel good, I already know that I am as beautiful as the sun


  1. Makeup with high quality, good pigments and for all complexions, without harmful substances
  2. Face and body skin care: with essential oils and plant extracts of eco-biological and sustainable connotation- WOMAN, MAN AND CHILDREN
  3. Hair care and hair dyes: for all hair types with a natural connotation with essential oils
  4. EDP perfumes: men, women and unisex of the Milan perfume tradition
  5. Nail polish type and top coat, perfumed and lasting nail polish, with added calcium and vitamins
  6. Oral care: disinfectant, refreshing and anti-plaque lotions
  7. Luxury cosmetics Black Olympus Caviar and Golden Sun Supremacy with pure 24 Carat gold
  8. Premium business lines for luxury hotels


Private label for chain stores specialized in organic and eco-sustainable products from the creation of the logo and formulas to the finished product.


With a view to environmental sustainability, preferring materials such as wood and glass instead of plastic packaging, wood and glass represent the materials that can best replace plastic in terms of packaging for sustainable perfumes. In the eyes of consumers, in fact, these materials immediately transmit warmth, refinement and attention to the environment on the part of the company and give the product a considerable added value.

It makes the brand recognizable in the eyes of consumers.

Packaging made of wood, an ecological and 100% sustainable material, is considered prestigious and valuable. The ecological impact of this material on the environment is completely nil, as it is natural, recyclable and reusable.


Our chemists are devoted to ongoing development of on-trend formulations to support adoption and accelerate development of commercial products using our ingredients.

Plant extracts (or phytoextracts) are herbal preparations and medicinal plants rich in highly beneficial active ingredients and with numerous fields of use.

The vegetable oils, oleolites and essential and phytotherapeutic oils that we use exploit the properties of plants to process imperfections such as cellulite, dry or oily skin; but also conditions such as joint and muscle pain, flu, indigestion, insomnia and many other physical and mental disorders.

Our water-wise products are produced on local member farms mindfully, sustainably and responsibly, following bee- and soil-friendly farming practices.

Other vegetable derivatives are: glycerine macerates, dry or fluid extracts, mother tinctures and hydrolates. The natural extracts differ in the method of extraction, characteristics and properties and are capable of restoring balance and well-being to the body and mind!

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“The cosmetics that make me feel good,I already know I’m as beautiful as the sun”

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